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Top 7 best Universities across the World in 2018

Top 7 best Universities across the World in 2018

Educational institutions play a significant role in almost all our lives. All of us who wish to pursue the best education want to do it in the reputed institutions across the globe. So here we are listing the top 7 universities in the world. 2017 is already dead by now, and as we march into 2018, we are sure that these universities that gave their best in the year 2017 will also make a mark in the year 2018 and top the list. So with no further delay let us get to see the best universities across the globe.

Top 7 best Universities across the World in 2018


MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The institute was founded in the year 1861 which is a private research centre. Pushing the other renowned institutions like Harvard and Stanford behind, MIT has managed to reach the top position amidst a list of 1000 colleges that were taken on an international survey. Though other colleges reached the top position in the list in the other categories, MIT stands atop among those colleges as well.

Stanford University:

Stanford is a globally renowned institute across the globe. Though the university has gone down by one step, the Stanford University is nothing less than the other global institutions. The only reason as to why the university reached the second position is because of the low international student ratio. There are two reasons. One, the entry into Stanford is not as easy as other colleges, and the second reason is the college doesn’t want to entertain as well.

Harvard University:

Harvard University is known for its educational excellence, and this university is built on the 11 principles because of which it has managed to become on the top universities across the world. Harvard is a research university, and it was established in the year 1636. It has been around for more than 350 years and has never stepped down from the ladder of top 5 universities globally.


The California Institute of Technology is what is abbreviated as Caltech. It is a private educational body that holds the rights of giving the doctorate to its graduates. Though the college is said to have appeared in the year 1891, it took a proper shape and was recognised as a college only in the year 1921. The main focus of the institute is on catering science and engineering related courses in and around California.

University of Cambridge:

This University is one of the oldest educational institutions in England, which was founded in the year 1209 during the tenure of King Henry III. The university shares a close bonding with the University of Oxford so much so that the two are often referred to as the Oxbridge. Within the University of Cambridge exists about 31 other colleges and they collectively referred by the name of this university.

University of Oxford:

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest schools in London. The date of its inception is not known, and efforts to date the beginning of this college went futile. However, if some of the research sources have to be believed, it dates back somewhere during 1096, doubtlessly making it the oldest institution in England. It is a century old, and it still hasn’t lost its reputation.

Imperial College London:

Imperial College in London is of the top universities recognised globally as one of the top 10 colleges year after year. Pushing almost all the top colleges down the ladder, Imperial College London has managed to stay atop as one of the best colleges that cater a wider range of curriculum from engineering, history to medicine.



Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning

Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning

The world has seen ages where learning itself was impossible. People had to take a lot of efforts to get themselves a proper education. Unlike this situation today we have a lot of ways to learn apart from actually going to a school or an educational institution. This has become highly beneficial for people who are into working, who are from far of places where a particular course doesn’t exist or if someone had given up the idea of education earlier and wants to pursue it now. For all these cases, e-learning has become the possible solution. So here are some of the reasons as to why you should stuff online.

Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning

Reasons to learn online:

Now that we have a basic idea of how using e-learning can be let us get a little deep into it and understand the benefits.


The first and the best feature of learning online is the flexibility that you get to enjoy. The online platform is one global forum and all of us who get connected live in different time zones. Taking this is concern most of the online classes are pretty much flexible as far as the timings are concerned, and few of the websites operate even 24/7 to get things done and to help people across the globe.


Yeah, quite contrary to what we have believed so far, online courses are pretty cheap, and they fall within the affordable range. There is also one more reason as to why they are affordable. Most of the classes are fixed and designed according to the convenience of the leaner, and they are learner-centric. So you can pay what you can afford and take classes accordingly.


The best part of e-learning is that it is location-free. Imagine a world where people are least bothered about where and how you are sitting, what you are wearing and when you are coming. If something of that sort exists, then that is nothing but an online class. Yes, when you say it is location-free there are a lot of perks that come along with that. The transportation thing doesn’t exist, and you simply be the way you want to be.

Better interaction and learning:

It is more of a personalised learning as far as these e-classes are concerned. You get to learn better as it is always a one-on-one interaction. You enjoy the personal attention that you get and depending on the course and the money that you pay, and there are certain websites that offer, real-time learning as well. When you interact better, you obviously learn better.

Get linked with great people:

There are a lot of chances to get linked to people across the globe. There are high chances of meeting someone really inspiring too. You also get an opportunity to create contacts worldwide and enrich your knowledge. Every time you meet a new person, your insight increases and online classes provide a platform for that. You will never know who you will meet in an online class, so never miss the chance.

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