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About Me

trent-stampFor the last three years, it has been my privilege to write this blog about the non-profit world

We launched this blog nearly three years ago, in an attempt to make the website more “sticky”, with reliably-updated content to keep our users coming back more regularly. But somewhere along the line, this blog became so much more than that. It’s syndicated by Newstex and Blog Catalog. It’s been celebrated in the New York Times, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, on, and on CNN. It’s allowed me to report from Hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, from the Las Vegas strip, the charities of Santa Barbara, and the halls of the IRS.

I reside in the outer banks. Yes, I’m a multi-millionaire and I don’t own any property!

Along the way, some of you have laughed with me, and others at me. I’ve been called everything from a “genius” and a “prophet” to a “moron” and a “sell-out.” (One thing I won’t miss is the cowardice of anonymous blog posters and commenters.) But for all of you, I wrote as truthfully and as passionately as I could. And most of you, I will miss. I’ve had fun. And next time some non-profit leader does something stupid to dishonor the public trust, I’ll miss having a place to call him out. But that’s not my job anymore. Someone else will have to pick up the slack.

Other blog posts I’ve written, that aren’t non-profit related:

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