Inner Workings of Charities & NPOs

Before You Donate – Ask These Questions


asking-questionsIt always feels good to donate to any charitable organization. While you may not be giving your time, a little money does not hurt you but can surely help a charity achieve its objectives. However, before you mindlessly give your money away because you like an ad campaign or your friend recently donated – you should do a thorough research. Here are a few questions to ask prior to donation.

  1. How clear is the charity with its objectives and goals?

If a charity is not clear on its programs and missions, then how can they deliver on the promises? Out of ten charitable organizations, only two or three tend to be rigid and structured with respect to what they want to achieve. These are the charities that manage to get things done. Donating to anyone but them is basically you wasting money or even playing into the pockets of a few scrupulous folks!

  1. Do they have short and long term goals?

A charity should always have quantifiable goals. This is how you can measure success. All good charities tend to have short term and long term goals. By achieving their short term objectives, they gradually work towards a longer goal. Both should be easily definable and they should be capable enough to explain it to you.

  1. What progress has the charity made thus far?

A NGO or NPO should be able to tell you the progress it has made towards achieving various goals. Those that are goal minded tend to keep track of what they achieve. Even if it is as trivial as distributing toothpaste in third world countries, they can tell you the exact number of toothpastes distributed, families helped and other such facts.

  1. Can you trust the charity?

Probably the most important question to ask before giving away your hard earned money. After conducting a research, do you feel you can trust the charity. If you are not comfortable with any NGO or NPO then do not donate!

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