Inner Workings of Charities & NPOs

Matching Your Time And Skills


take your timeIf you haven’t yet narrowed down on a few charities you are excited about volunteering for then check out our previous post, Recognizing The Right Charity For You.

Now that you have shortlisted a few charities you find suitable for your time, what next? Well, you have to figure out what exactly you can offer, both in terms of quality and quantity.

First contact the charities and find out what volunteering needs they have and assess whether your skills match those specific requirements. Many of these charities may ask you to drop by for an interview – do not be surprised. In fact, if you are selected you may need to attend training before they accept you into their programs. Hence, always self-assess before approaching charities.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself, before finalizing on a charity.

  1. How much of time can you give in a realistic manner? Quantify the answer in terms of per day, per week, per month and per year.
  2. Are there any specific days of the week that you can volunteer on?
  3. What talents do you have that might help a charity with its mission?
  4. What tasks will you never do or have difficulty doing? It can be as mundane as picking heavy objects to teaching children.
  5. What do you hope to achieve from this experience?

Go For The Commitment

Now that you have identified a particular charity to spend your time with, it is time to commit. Approach the organization on the date of interview as if you were going for a job interview. Do not show up late and never cancel your meetings. These interviews cost money to a charity and you are not helping by taking them for a spin.

A reliable volunteer is one who has a strong work ethic and truly believes in giving back to society. If you are anything but this then think twice before becoming a burden for a charity!

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