Inner Workings of Charities & NPOs

Recognizing The Right Charity For You


Finding the right charityCharities need volunteers. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a charitable organization today without the help of reliable volunteers. By volunteering, these organizations are able to conduct free tasks that otherwise would cost a lot. Besides, most charities tend to be under-staffed and under-funded.

As a volunteer you can be asked to do menial labor such as stuffing envelopes to tutoring children or even feeding animals. There are several tasks a volunteer does and nothing is set in stone. However, volunteers can go as high as serving on the board of directors too for charitable organizations.

Regardless of your aspirations as a volunteer for a Charitable organization, here are a few things to keep in mind when volunteering.

Find Charities That Match With Your Interests

Start by first determining the exact manner in which you wish to volunteer your time. Then find charities that are searching for volunteers like you. By matching your desire to do a specific task or tasks with charities that engage in those activities – both you and the charitable organization stay happy.

Scrutinize The Financial Standing Of The Charity

Find out if the charity is fiscally healthy. Usually, it is better donating your time to charities that are doing well but having said that, charities that are not that well-funded actually need volunteers a lot more. They cannot hire more staff and are usually under-staffed. So, decide whether you want to work for a funded charity or one that is struggling.

Keep An Eye Out For Philanthropy Opportunities That Aren’t Specifically Designated As “Charities”

There are plenty of these scattered across the web – for example, I recently partnered up with my friend Roger Stanley (founder of The Comfy Traveler) in order to help him expand his study abroad scholarship offering. His mission is to help students travel while in class. It’s not as glamorous or far-reaching as some of the bigger charities out there, but it’s still a way to give back and help those from all walks of life experience this wonderful world.

Evaluate The Programs

All charities have specific programs that they conduct. Opt for charities that are successful in underlining the goals, missions and achievements of their specific programs. A key factor in this identification factor is searching for charities that can outline challenges their programs face.

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